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Ochea Ikpa is the Founder, and CEO of Technimove Group of companies. Having started Technimove UK in 1998, Ochea has enjoyed over 20 years at the helm of the industry’s leading Data Centre Migration company.

Prior to founding Technimove Group, Ochea gained a Bachelor’s degree in Quantity Surveying from the University of Westminster.

Describe your current role at the firm and your responsibilities.

My role today consists of being CEO for both Technimove Europe, and Technimove Inc., the Group’s USA division. Generally, I spend two-thirds of my week looking after the European side of our business, whilst the remaining time is spent on affairs in the US.

I have the Senior Management Team of both companies reporting into me. We are fortunate to have some excellent individuals with the Group, that have really helped us get to where we are today. Although we sit across different sites, and in different countries, we stay connected through the powers of modern technology.

Ultimately, my role is to achieve growth for the Group, whilst maintaining stability. Over the past 3 years, we have enjoyed exponential growth, largely due to the ethos of the existing and new team members within the Group.

How have you progressed and evolved since starting Technimove in 1998?

Wow, where do I start. As many business owners will testify, when you start a business, you are often doing a little bit of everything, and that was certainly the case for me. I was Sales, Support and Delivery for those early years. Gradually, as the company grew, and the Group evolved, I was able to employ, and delegate.

My role is much more strategic now. There are many aspects of my previous, hands on approach, that I miss – the thrill of a sale, the adrenaline rush of delivering a key project. Those payoffs are now replaced, with the immense sense of pride I have, to be working with the team I do, making a difference to the companies we work for.

What is the most fulfilling aspect about your work?

This is a multi-part answer. Firstly, it is great to work with such a passionate and driven team of people. It is a joy to see, so many people, working towards the same goal. It’s very uplifting.

Secondly, our brand. We have steadily grown over the years, and to now be an instantly recognisable brand within our industry is great to see. Technimove have gained a reputation for delivering quality, and for being a partner that can be relied upon. This is really important to me, and to our entire team.

How would you describe the firm’s culture?

We have worked hard to ensure that our culture, and morals, have remained intact over the years. We work hard, and smart, to ensure our clients are totally satisfied. Our clients always come first. I know it is a cliché, but it is simply the culture, here at Technimove. We do not exist without our clients, so for us, it is the only way. New team members are inducted to our fanatical approach from the get go. It’s great, it’s always fun around the office.

Discuss the importance of “Giving back” for the firm?

Technimove employ many of its team members from the local community. We operate a fantastic internal development programme, which gives staff an opportunity to really spread their wings and rise within the Group. We also offer work experience and apprenticeship programmes, that often lead to full-time placements for the individuals.

As well as ensuring the Group is operating in an ethically responsible manner, we also contribute to several charitable causes that we hold close to our hearts

Where do you see the greatest opportunities for Technimove going forward?

We have made great strides over the years in developing Technimove Group, and presenting our suite of services. We have a couple of great service offerings that we are working on bringing to the market, that could be great for the Group. We will continue to develop our partner programme, and continue to develop and extend our Global offering.

It is incredibly exciting to have achieved many of our goals, and to now be setting new ones

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