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Top 3 Trends Defining The Future Of The Data Centre Landscape


With over 2 decades of experience, Technimove have led the industry in providing technology-based Data Centre transformation services to world-leading organisations. With the ever-changing digital industry, it’s critical to embrace the dynamic landscape, as new economic opportunities are continuingly opening for organisations that need to quickly build and scale robust Data Centre environments.

Market trends 10-20 years ago show corporate end-users still investing and building their own Data Centres whilst adding capacity speculatively. Fast forward to the last 5-10 years, the same corporate end-users were seen to be slowing down with their own major investments whilst allowing the Hyper-Scalers to enter the market place and drive up the new build investments.

Although the initial take-up was slow, over the last 5 years cloud technologies have become well established, the resulting increase in capacity of the Hyper Scalers is enabling key technologies to drive Digital Transformation.

The key drivers are;

1. 5G

The highly anticipated arrival of the latest 5G cellular technology will dramatically increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. In turn, this will drive powerful computing closer to the end-user, with latency so low, it’s nearly undetectable. The minimum expectation of 5G is for download speeds of 10Gbps, but we expect speeds 1000x faster than existing technologies in the near future. This will enable an entire HD film to be downloaded in less than 10 seconds. Inevitably this will drive demand in downloads for streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube & Amazon Prime Video which will require increased Data Centre capacity.

A recent Gartner survey showed 57% of businesses are planning to adopt 5G to enhance communication between IoT devices. This will lead to 5G playing a major part in driving the IOT revolution.


2. IOT

With the industry accelerating towards consumer-based trends, internet-connected devices will become an integral part of every aspect of our lives, churning data at an unprecedented rate. The world is rapidly advancing towards a time where all everyday items will have some method of connecting to the internet and communicating with other devices. Over the last 10 years alone, Data Centres have become the virtual storage vault for all of these critical assets.

A recent Forbes survey found 60% of enterprises with the help of their IOT initiatives, are transforming with new lines of business whilst 36% are considering potential new business directions. In addition, 63% are already delivering new or updated services directly to customers thanks to their IoT capabilities.

As IoT covers a huge range of different functionality and deployment models, this has a direct impact on IT infrastructure in the Data Centre. Servers, storage, networking & security must be ready to provide and support underlying infrastructure to address increasingly larger computers and storage.

The increase of IoT will be a further catalyst for driving Big Data & AI capabilities.


3. Big Data & AI

With the vast amounts of data collected across the 5G network, coupled with the explosion of IoT will enable enterprises and small businesses alike to embrace big data using AI & machine learning in new and insightful ways.  After all, Big Data and AI are what allows companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple & Amazon to personalise content and user experience to more than a billion users worldwide.

This will push Data Centres even further to meet the demands this creates in a variety of different ways. Data Centre capacity must be expanded to support IoT and Big Data generated information. This also affects future bandwidth, as resources will be mostly consumed by IoT sensors and machines as opposed to workloads generated by physical user activity.

More than ever before, businesses are focusing their operational activities on automation, pattern analysis, prediction and decision making to drive transformational efficiency, competitive advantage and growth.

Already we are seeing many organisations deploying machine learning apps at large enterprise scales, enabled by the rise of the Hyper-Scalers.


So, what does this mean for Data Centres?

The resounding message is clear to our market. For organisations to gain real value from their digital transformation activities, they must consider these emerging technologies and what impact they will have on the current & future state of their business.

As organisations embark on their digital transformation journeys, we are now seeing them consume digital commodities faster than ever before. As a result, this is driving Hyper-Scalers to build more high capacity Data Centres with traditional owner operators also looking to optimise their existing estates globally.